pitchfreunde Vol. 7

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pitchfreunde is an exclusive platform for later-stage tech startups. Only VC’s, angels, family offices and corporate investors are invited to these exclusive meetings in Berlin, Frankfurt on the Main, Cologne, Munich and Zurich to view the most promising startups seeking investment in the DACH region. The pitchfreunde series was founded in 2013 by the visionary and tech expert Thorsten Claus in Berlin.

In 2017, with the relaunch of pitchfreunde, the pitchfreunde also announced an international cooperation with Keiretsu Forum in the DACH region. Keiretsu Forum was already established and has over 50 chapters globally today. Both platforms aim at bringing startups together with the local respective investor communities. Startups have the chance to pitch in front of investors and have their recorded pitch syndicated with the global Keiretsu Forum network.

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pitchfreunde Vol. 7

28. November 2017

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Take the opportunity as a startup to pitch at the later-stage pitch-event pitchfreunde. Benefit from a strong international network of investors and professionals and present your startup to our high-profile investors from all over the world!

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Profit as a sponsor of “pitchfreunde // Pitch your story” from our network in the international startup scene and to present yourself with your brand potential to the global players of tomorrow.

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